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We are here for you!

Deutsche Factoring Bank works as the centre of expertise for factoring within the Sparkassen Finance Group. With our experience, gained over 40 years, we offer a maximum of individual expertise in providing solutions for every aspect around receivables management and receivables financing – for small and medium-sized enterprises, too. With modular service packages for financing, bad debt protection and receivables management, we help and support clients from more than 50 sectors of trade and industry.
With the acquisition of shares in Deutsche Factoring Bank by Deutsche Leasing in 2016, the factoring activities of Universal Factoring, which was already part of the Deutsche Leasing Group, and Deutsche Factoring Bank were merged under the umbrella of Deutsche Leasing.
As a financial institution we are subject to the strict provisions of the German Credit and Loans Act (KWG) and to supervision by the German Financial Services Authority (BaFin).
We are a member of the German Factoring Association and of Factors Chain International, the world’s leading association of Factoring companies, with over 400 members in 90 countries. We are also a shareholder in S-CountryDesk, the international network of the Sparkassen Finance Group.

Enjoy the benefits of our factoring service:

  • Assuring liquidity
  • Financing growth
  • Servicing for satisfied partners
  • Mitigating bad-debts
  • Concentrating on your core business
  • Moving with greater flexibility in the market

The broad range of products is made possible on the one hand by the many years of experience which our staff enjoy in factoring, receivables management and credit insurance. On the other hand we are providing, our clients with an efficient and reliable IT platform plus data-transfer channels which are both rapid and secure.
We would like to provide you with liquidity, save your time and staff resources by taking over your receivables management, and protect you against bad debts. We value our style of collaborative partnership and look on our services as a component of your success.
Numerous companies in Germany are already employing our expertise for their business success.
Factoring services, as a supplementary financing module, are becoming increasingly important – not only among medium-sized enterprises. If you, too wish to use this successful form of receivables finance for your corporate growth, you have come to the right place.

Exploit the benefits of collaboration with Deutsche Factoring Bank and let us prepare an offer.


Deutsche Factoring Bank

Hansator 17
28217 Bremen

Kreuzerkamp 7-11
40878 Ratingen

  • Bremen +49 421 3293-0 Ratingen +49 2102 3081-198
  • Bremen +49 421 3293-110 Ratingen +49 2102 3081-298

DFB is a member of the German Factoring Association


DFB is a member of Factors Chain International


DFB is a member of Sparkassen CountryDesk

Deutsche Leasing Group

Deutsche Leasing AG

Deutsche Factoring Bank GmbH & Co. KG is a member of Deutsche Leasing Group, the international asset-finance and asset-service partner.