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Data protection


Deutsche Leasing Group is particularly concerned to preserve your right of self-determination in matters of information and to maintain the protection of your private sphere when processing personal details and in the use of our internet site. Deutsche Leasing Group has therefore undertaken technical and organisational safety measures of a preventive kind in order to ensure this protection. The following paragraphs will provide you with an overview, showing which personal details are used and to what purpose.

Legal principles

Personal details which you provide when visiting our website will be processed in accordance with the German Data Protection Act (BDSG) and other statutory provisions applicable to electronic business transactions.

Collection and use of protocol data

Every time a visit is made to the web pages of Deutsche Leasing Group, and every time a file is called up, data on this transaction are recorded. These data are:
- Your IP address
- The page you come from
- The pages on which you click, and
- The date and duration of your visit.
Deutsche Leasing Group will evaluate this information in an anonymised way for statistical purposes and to improve its internet site, without forming any personal user profiles. Nor will this information be passed on to third parties. For purposes of evaluation and further processing, data with technical information about your visit will be transmitted to an external service provider, who is bound in its relations with Deutsche Leasing Group to a duty of non-disclosure and of non-transmission of data.

We use Cookies

For statistical purposes Deutsche Leasing Group uses permanent cookies with a restricted life time, in order to analyse the use of our web site and to optimise it for you. Cookies are small text files which are sent to your PC and saved there on your hard disc. Your personal details are not saved through the use of such cookies, nor are they combined with your personal user data, so that your private sphere is protected. Cookies do not become a part of your system, nor can they cause damage. Most browsers are so adjusted that they accept cookies automatically. You can deactivate the storage of cookies at any time, however, or so adjust your browser as to indicate the use of cookies or to reject their transmission. All the functions of our website will be available to you even without cookies. If you deactivate cookies, this may entail functional restrictions to our web pages.

About Cookies

Tracking Tools

Deutsche Leasing uses e-trackers on this website, in order to record and analyse the stream of visitors on our website. For this purpose, using your IP address, internet-related data and details of your browser type and computer are collected inter alia. We shall not use these data to identify you personally.

Links to external providers

Insofar as links with other providers‘ website are supplied, this Data Protection Notice does not apply to their contents. Deutsche Leasing Group is not cognizant of which data these operators may collect, nor does it have any influence thereon. You will find information in the Data Protection Notice of the website in question.

Encryption of personal data

All statements which you make to Deutsche Leasing Group in dialogue and application forms will be transmitted securely, using modern internet technology, and used exclusively for the purpose for which they are intended.

Deutsche Leasing Group uses a transmission procedure based on SSL (secure sockets layer protocol). This enables encryption to be made of the entire data traffic taking place between your browser and the Deutsche Leasing Group server. In this way your data will be protected during transmission against manipulations and unauthorised access by third parties. This, however will not apply necessarily to e-mails which you send unencrypted to Deutsche Leasing Group. Such e-mails may possibly be viewed by third parties during their transmission. You will find detailed information on “Encrypting sensitive e-mails” under IT Security.

Purpose limitation of your data

Your personal details will be used only for the purpose and to the necessary extent for which you have supplied them to Deutsche Leasing Group or for use and transmission of which you have given your consent.

Transmission and use of personal details

Collection or transmission to government institutions and authorities will be made only pursuant to compulsory national legal regulations. No transmission of personal details to third parties will be made without your express permission. Our employees, suppliers and subsidiary companies have a duty of non-disclosure and of compliance with the governing provisions of data-protection law and a duty of data confidentiality.

Right of information and revocation

Under Section 34 of the German Data Protection Act (BDSG), as a user you have the right to obtain information about which data containing personal details Deutsche Leasing Group has saved. You may revoke at any time, with effect for the future, any consent once given to the collection, processing and use of your personal details. You details will then be deleted by Deutsche Leasing Group. This does not apply to data which, for instance, are required pursuant to an existing contract.